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we build // we host// we help
we build // we host// we help

New service rescues web projects gone bad!

When a web site or business web application stops working, the first action is to contact the support company or web programmers who built the application. But what if the developer has gone out of business? Or what if the relationship with the developer or support company has broken down? To tackle this unfortunate situation, Accentika Internet has lauched its CodeRescue service. 

With CodeRescue we will look to get your applications running again â€” and provide support, maintenance and future development of the code. 

You may not need a code rebuild. Just a CodeRescue!

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Want to make your web site an active part of your marketing programme? Add new copy, stories, case studies, products, pictures, "specials", news etc etc instantly and at no additional cost. Now you can save £100 on a full business web site, with powerful content management tools, which will kick start your internet marketing â€” and give you the capability to purchase optional modules such as movie management and direct mail newsletters when you are ready.

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What the B...?

We build we host we helpOr what the Bee? What have bees got to do with a web company? The answer comes down to a bit of a makeover we've been undergoing at Accentika Internet over recent months. Firstly we've integrated our MWP Hosting hosting business into the main company identity. Then we've looked at what we do that differentiates us from other web companies â€” "We build, We host, We help". Build, host, help. Does that shout "bees" to you? It did to us. So please visit our new web site. If you want to make better use of the internet in your business you might be surprised at how some of the new services we have launched could work for you. 

Accentika Internet... like bees but with no sting in the tail!

More information:

Dedicated servers: Managed solutions to keep your business on-line

Business hosting: Gold package for peace of mind

SiteRescue: Don't throw that site away. We may be able to fix it!

Ecommerce: Get a quote for your on-line trading needs

Web applications: Program code, database design, systems integration... we love it.

Tailored web sites: We can deliver a site that presses all your buttons.

CMS for start-ups: Big content management web sites with little price tags.


Emarketing: 200mails/month to 200k/day!

Does your emarketing consist of creating a newsletter on your web site every quarter to send to 200 subscribers?

Or do you want to send 200,000 emails per day to your customer base? Or are your emarketing requirements somewhere in between. Accentika Internet has an email marketing solution for you. Our newsletter packages enable web site owners easily to create newsletters and manage customers lists, directly from the web site. For very large volume mailings, a dedicated emarketing server hub can handle millions of emails, all backed by Accentika Internet's managed support.

How to improve your honey yield

Tips to improve your honey yielThe beekeper says: To ensure my bees are in the best of health and keep my honey yield high, I systematically check the page titles of my pages... (Click here to read the rest of the beekeeper's web site wisdom). 

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