Tools and tips for SEO

Getting your site to top of the search results for a generic phrase such as "car hire" is a long-term commitment to a heavyweight optimisation/marketing programme that will also be undertaken by your competitors. But for search terms that are more specific to a site owners products and services, big effects can be achieved simply by making the most of Accentika Internet's integrated SEO tools — and a little common sense.

So here we have some areas that you should look at:

1. Make sure the search terms that are so important to you are actually on your pages!: It seems obvious. But too often site owners forget to include vital keywords on their pages. Surprisingly, many site owners will happily spend money on a pay per click campaign — which relates to particular keywords â€” without checking that those key phrases are actually on their sites. Our content management tools enable you to change your content instantly to reflect your marketing campaigns.

2. Get your content in the right place on your page: put the important key phrases at the top of your page. And if those phrases really are important, underline their significance by ensuring they appear in headings (H1, H2, H3) and are picked out in bold.

3. Get your title right:  The easiest way to get the biggest SEO effect is to get the title of your pages right. The title is the text that appears right at the top of your browser. As browers of sites we often do not notice the title (which is embedded in the html of your page). But for search engines, the title has a massive effect. The SEO tool integrated into our content management system allows site owners to see all the titles on all pages on a site at the same time. So you can optimise titles on a site-wide basis to ensure you are covering all your key phrases.

4. Add content, revise content, provide reasons for other sites to link to you: All other things being equal, a site that is regularly updated with changing content will be ranked higher than a static site. But if you can publish content on your site that is interesting enough that other sites will link to it that will help your backlinks count too. Our powerful content management tools make adding content easy and quick. 

If you want to find out more or speak to us about our SEO campaigns and how we can help contact us now for more information.

SEO optimisation

For web search terms specific to a website owners products and services, big effects can be achieved simply by making the most of the SEO tools built into our site — and a little common sense.