SEO to improve your site ranking in Google

SEO (search engine optimisation) is a strategy designed to raise a site up the search results rankings. So when a customer searches Google, for example, for your product or service, good SEO will have ensured that your site appears high up in the results ready for a potential client to find.

On any search engine results page, there are actually two lists: the "organic" main list which reflects how the search engine analyses your site; and a "sponsored" list where sites have paid to have their sites listed. Costs of the sponsored links depend on the particular trigger keywords and the number of visitors they bring to your site (pay per click PPC). But the organic search results can not be bought and are achieved by good optimisation of a site through natural search engine optimisation (SEO).

SEO and the rank of your site

Google, Yahoo and other major search engines will not reveal the precise formulae they use to analyse a site. The aim of a search engine is to build the most accurate picture of site in terms of its content and how significant is that content. It does this by creating a number of algorithms to rank a site that include sifting through the words on the page to analyse the meaning, and looks at who else is linking to that site to gauge its importance.

If an important informational site such as the BBC ( were to link to a story on your site, then everyone would agree that your site must have something important to say about that subject.

Search engines work on the same basis, they rank the relevance of your site along with the quality of inward (or backlinks) to try to assess the worth of a site.

Accentika Internet SEO programmes

We customise your SEO service to your requirements, building from the following elements:

Keyword Research

  • Keywords relevant to your business
  • Keywords statistics for real world usage 


On Page Optimisation

  • Meta Titles Updated on all pages 
  • Meta Descriptions Updated on all pages
  • Keywords Updated on all pages
  • Google XML Sitemap
  • Images Optimised
  • H1 Tags created
  • Article Creation with keyword 
  • New pages created and added with keywords


Off page optimisation

  • Article submissions
  • Directory Submissions
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Link Building


Reporting & Support

  • Monthly reports
  • Monthly meetings
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Email Support
  • Telephone Support

Please contact us to discuss your specific SEO targets and requirements

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SEO tips for optimising your site

Getting your site to top of the search results for a generic phrase such as "car hire" is a long-term commitment to a heavyweight optimisation/marketing programme that will also be undertaken by your competitors. But for search terms that are more specific to a site owners products and services, big effects can be achieved simply by making the most of Accentika Internet's integrated SEO tools — and a little common sense.