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Use your Blackberry to pick up mail from Accentika Internet mailservers

If you have an Accentika Internet hosting account, using a Blackberry to pick up your mail from our mailservers is straightforward.

Python support is added to SiteRescue to offer new home for Python web sites

Web site owners who are having problems with the hosting, suport or development of their Python-developed web sites can now take advantage of Accentika Internet's SiteRescue service

Accentika Internet adds PCI compliance to hosting offerings

Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance requires that servers hosting web applications are assessed for their adherence to best practice security. Accentika Internet can now offer hosting on servers that have been tested to PCI...

Using a "whitelist" to ensure helpdesk mail is delivered to Hotmail accounts

Hotmail (and other web mail services) can sometimes erroneously identify mail from helpdesks as "bulk" mail or spam. If mail sent from the Accentika Internet helpdesk is sometimes not being received,...

Use your iPhone to pick up mail from Accentika Internet mailservers

If you have an Accentika Internet hosting account, using an iPhone to pick up your mail from our mailservers is straightforward. Here is a useful guide to the iPhone...

Dedicated servers for the Midlands, Gloucester, Hereford and Worcester

Midlands company locates its dedicated servers and shared hosting servers in Worcester data centre to serve hosting customers in Worcester, Gloucester, Hereford, the Midlands and beyond.

From database to printed directory: the integrated workflow

Acentika Internet integrates database management with DTP processing for cost-effective production of directories, product catalogues and show guides.


We help. We build advanced web applications, and provide custom hosting on our own servers. As a result of this expertise, we can provide specialist support that is both knowlegable and responsive.

Privacy policy

Accentika Internet's privacy policy explains what data we collect as you browse our sites, how you are protected and what we do with the information

Terms and conditions

Our latest Terms & Conditions concerning website design, web application coding, shared hosting, dedicated servers and other internet services offered by Accentika Internet can be downloaded here

Acceptable Use policy

Accentika Internet's Acceptable Use policy is formulated to ensure there is no abuse of internet services such as shared hosting and managed dedicated servers