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Gloucester employment specialist upgrades to Typo3 CMS web design

Specialist employment law consultancy firm EPAS, based in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, has upgraded its web site to use Typo3 CMS. The new Typo3 CMS web design replaces EPAS's previous site which was built using...

Using a "whitelist" to ensure helpdesk mail is delivered to Hotmail accounts

Hotmail (and other web mail services) can sometimes erroneously identify mail from helpdesks as "bulk" mail or spam. If mail sent from the Accentika Internet helpdesk is sometimes not being received,...

Use your iPhone to pick up mail from Accentika Internet mailservers

If you have an Accentika Internet hosting account, using an iPhone to pick up your mail from our mailservers is straightforward. Here is a useful guide to the iPhone...

CMS web design makes news - literally

Literary agency Robert Dudley is using a supported CMS web design package from Worcester's Accentika Internet to publish regular news about its authors and publications. As part of its programme...

Ecommerce with CMS - and cc processing comes as standard

All the flexibility of a powerful CMS, all the usual Accentika Internet support and all the functionality you expect from an ecommerce web site... with integrated credit card processing via PayPal. Now our ecommerce/CMS web...

Direct mail delivery check service launched for volume users

Accentika Internet has introduced a report service for users of Interspire's Emailmarketer mailing application that will help identify potential problems that could impact on delivery rates. The service includes...

World famous jazz festival chooses CMS web design from Accentika Internet

The world-famous Upton Jazz Festival in Worcester is to move over to an ecommerce CMS web site system from Accentika Internet. The new site will go live later this year, after completion of the current...

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