Site rescue service to recover a web site - and give you back control

When your site has disappeared offline or you have lost contact with your developers, we can rescue you

If you have lost contact with your website developers and you no longer have control over your site, , or just want to move your site away from its current home, our SiteRescue service could be just what you need. We can repair your broken site at a code level, host and support your site, sort out your domain issues and ensure your web site is once again a credit (rather than an embarrassment) to your business.

site rescue for python sites

We are now also offering SiteRescue service for Python-developed web sites too.


Frequently, it is only when a web site disappears off the internet or email stops working that a company realises it actually has no documentation where that site is hosted or who controls the domain name. Perhaps that detail was left to the web design company, or dealt with on an ad hoc basis by a staff member. 

But if your relationship with the web designers has soured or — an increasingly common problem — the web company has gone out of business then restarting services can be difficult. If you just want to move a website to a new hosting company that can provide support and development, SiteRescue could be just what you want.

Web company gone out of business

With the continuing tightness in the economy, more web companies are simply dropping out of site, taking with them web site details and leaving customers high and dry. Unfortunately, when customers come across a web site that doesn't work it inevitably puts a question mark in their minds about the business itself. Web site owners are aware of this and it adds to the air of panic and stress as they try to track down long lost access details and passwords, if indeed they ever had them.

The problem is exacerbated by the way that web sites are frequently built. The web design company buys hosting for all it's clients with a specialist hosting company. So the web company is the "customer" as far as the hosting company is concerned. If the web company goes out of business then the link back to the original web site owner is broken.

Other common difficulties are where parts of a site, particularly content management sites, can break, because of background changes to servers or because of bugs that have just come to light.

Our SiteRescue service is designed for businesses in this position. We will get a grip on your site at a code level so that we can repair any broken areas and provide you with support and development in the future. In this way, sites that may have stopped working can be put back into full operation. We will also work to ensure that domains you own are correctly set up in accounts you control, and that you reclaim power over your web sites.

The process also ensures that details on your web assets are properly recorded and documented.

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