Rescue your legacy code and third-part developed applications

CodeRescue is a custom application rescue service for businesses who have previously invested in development of a web application but now find themselves without support or maintenance for a critical — and expensive asset. There are many reasons why this situation might have occurred, but typically they are:

  • The relationship may have broken down with the original code developers
  • The original developers may have gone out of business
  • Support and maintenance by original developers was inadequate

Many web development companies are reluctant to take on web applications and program code that have not been developed in-house. So businesses have the choice of either struggling with an increasingly unstable application that can not be repaired. Or investing again to rebuild the project from scratch.

But with Accentika Internet's CodeRescue, we can put together a package of services that will provide full support and maintenance for your code and hence your on-line business and give you back the capability to develop and extend your web applications.

If you have a web application for which you would like Accentika Internet support please supply some details here.

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