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Gold business hosting and support: Don't want to mess around with web/email/database settings? We'll do it all for you

Our Gold Business Hosting package is aimed at the busy business user looking for reliable hosting on high-performance/low account density shared servers. Hosting, email configuration, database set-up etc can all be configured via our administration console. However, most of our business users never login directly to their control panel, preferring to ask Accentika Internet to administer their accounts for them — and we happily include that business service at no extra cost.

The package also includes valuable features as standard that are expensive extras on other hosting packages. 

For example, you can have up to five domains on your account and you can set up site redirections and configure password protected areas eaily via the hosting panel.

Satisfy all your email needs with up to 100 email accounts and set up autoresponders to reply with a vacation message when staff are away (we'll set these up for you if you wish!). Or just use the autoresponder to send marketing information whenever someone emails that account. You can send mail via our servers when you are out on the road too. So if you make use of our IMAP Idle facility for push email  on your mobile, and send mail via your account, you have your complete corporate email environment with you wherever you go.

For the business user, data back up is essential. With the Gold Business Hosting package you can backup all web sites, web databases and email accounts in one simple operation.

Gold Business Hosting Features

  • Domains    5
  • Sub-Domains    5
  • Email Accounts    100
  • Email Forwarders    5
  • AutoResponders    5
  • MySQL Databases    5
  • Domain Pointers    5
  • FTP Accounts    5
  • CGI Access    Yes
  • PHP Access    Yes
  • SpamAssassin    Yes
  • Cron Jobs    Yes
  • System Info    Yes
  • DNS Control    Yes
  • Comprehensive help  Yes
  • Disk Space        1Gb
  • Linux with mod_security


Email features

  • POP3 mail
  • IMAP support
  • IMAP IDLE enabling push email for qualifying mobile phones
  • Forwarders to enable mail from different email addresses to be forwarded to one account
  • Autoresponders for when you are away from the office
  • Webmail to allow you to administer your mail through a web interface.
  • Automatic spam filtering
  • Up to 100 accounts
  • Easy-to-use administration panel.

All aspects of your site can easily be controlled directly by you or your web designer.

Fine control

FTP Menu. Create FTP accounts and set directory permissions for each account.
DNS Menu. Add and remove records, change MX settings etc..
Statistics Menu. Have available every possible statistic about your account. Advanced options and Webalizer are also included.
File Manager. A user-friendly and fast alternative to FTP. Includes every feature needed to build and maintain a web site.
MySQL Databases. Easily create, modify, and delete MySQL databases. Create up to five databases.
Site Backup. Backup and restore only what you want to.
Error Pages. Create custom messages and outputs for 401, 403, 404, and 500 error codes.
Directory Password Protection. Password protect any directory.


Telephone business support (office hours)
Helpdesk ticket support (24hrs)


1 year hosting contract (terms and conditions apply) includes 2GB bandwidth/month

£105.00 plus VAT


Terms & Conditions

Acceptable Use Policy

Privacy Policy

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Our Gold Business Hosting package is aimed at the business user looking for reliable hosting on high-performance/low account density shared servers. The package includes valuable features as standard that are expensive extras on other hosting packages.