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Branded html email campaigns are a popular way of getting an emarketing message in front of a potential customer, branded up with your corporate imagery and designed for immediate visual impact. Your customer (or potential customer) opens their email newsletter and sees your message presented in a way most likely to influence and entice them to respond or to visit your web site.

Affordable Email Marketing Services

We offer three different html email and list management services, depending on your campaign needs:

  • Easy-to-use email newsletter editor integrated with existing client web site. This solution suits users who want to have to close control over the layout of the email newsletter and editing flexibility, and need to send to an opt-in contact list of up to 1200 names.
  • Stand alone email campaign manager with more advanced opt-in list handling and comprehensive statistics. Options include automated responses when a recipient opens an email campaign or clicks on a particular link
  • Fully supported Mailerhub dedicated campaign server for very large opt-in campaigns (50k to 350+k emails sent per day). If you are regularly sending email campaigns of more than 30,000 emails per month the Mailerhub can slash the cost of your campaign management.

You concentrate on the detail of your email campaign — we can do the rest

Unlike many email services, we offer friendly and expert support for our services so that all that you have to think about is the messages you want to put in your campaigns. 

To discuss which solution is best for you, please call:

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or contact us about html email campaigns.

Professional campaign management vs DIY emailing

Most email clients allow you to create at least some kind of html template which then you can then send to your contacts list. So why should you use a professional email management system to handle your campaigns? Here are some of the many reasons:

  • You must allow your recipients to remove themselves from your lists, and when they are removed they have to stay removed. Our systems include unsubscribe handling which ensures that once a recipient is unsubscribed, they are never emailed again, if they are accidentally included on a list in the future.
  • We follow best practice in providing information about the campaign to the recipient to meet anti-spam guidelines
  • Bounces are captured and analysed so that lists will self-clean and stay up to date.
  • Comprehensive open/click/unsubscribe/bounce statistics are available so you can see who had opened your emails and what links within your campaign have been clicked on.
  • HTML email templates are optimised to render properly in all major email clients.

In addition, advanced triggers and autoresponders can be configured so that follow up emails can be sent at specified intervals depending on what action the recipient has taken. For example, a recipient that clicks on a link concerning cameras, can automatically be sent a follow-up campaign specifically dealing with camera technology. 

Also, a sequence of emails (eg a training course) could be sent automatically at a specified period (eg every seven days) after a subscriber has signed up. 

With an Accentika Internet emarketing solution, you just have to think about your marketing messages. All the newsletter creation, list handlingbounce processing and unsubscribing is dealt with automatically. (see information on our Mailerhub where very large volumes of mail need to be sent)

Email Marketing - BirminghamWe create the initial template, then the site owner can create a newsletter, as required. Messages can be sent to subscribers who have signed up to receive the newsletter directly on the web site. Customer lists and other subscriber data can also be uploaded to the module. Recipients can unsubscribe themselves at any point, via an unsubscription module on the web site, and mail addresses that are bounced are flagged to ensure they are not remailed.

The newsletter module is integrated with the web site so that any visitor who signs up to receive the newsletter will automatically be mailed when the next emarketing shot is sent out.

For more information on html campaigns, contact us.