Support tailored to your business

As with our build and hosting packages, our support packages can be tailored to your business requirements. If you need particular levels of support for your dedicated servers or tailored web applications, we can put an agreement in place that will specify the response and support that will be delivered.

Service level agreements are not normally available with our shared hosting packages. But if there is a particular regime of backups or other specialist support that you require we will configure a package to suit.

Support procedures

Shared hosting: Requests for support should be sent to [email protected] support desk which is monitored 24hrs a day by the engineering team.

Dedicated servers: A notification email should be sent to your dedicated server email support address to trigger the emergency response (see below) if this is included in your service level agreement (SLA).

Support requests are processed at the support desk in order of (first) priority and (second) time/date of receipt.

All emails are acknowledged and time-stamped to confirm receipt. If a confirmation is not received, then the email has not been received at the helpdesk and should be resent.

Example dedicated server service levels

The following are examples of dedicated server service levels and are for illustration only. Each dedicated server is governed by its own service level agreement and the service levels may be more or less onerous than shown here.

Emergency response (server not operational or service not operational)

 Server restart/service restart 1hr

Services covered by this emergency response are:

  • SMTP (mail sending)
  • POP3/IMAP (and secure POP3/IMAP) mail receiving
  • Webserver
  • Secure webserver
  • FTP file upload/download
  • MySQL database
  • Nameserver operation

 For each 30minute period over 1hr when server/service remains nonoperational between the hours of 9.00am and 9.00pm a credit of 5% of monthly fee will be issued up to a maximum of 100% of monthly fee.

To trigger the emergency response Accentika Internet must be notified by email to the support email address that one of the above services is not operational

Non-critical response. All services operational

Server performance issues 24hrs

Ad hoc work, as scheduled.

Our knowledgable support team is here to keep your business on-line... we help

Accentika Internet support is a little different to some ISP support desks you might have experienced in the past. We are a small team focused on providing knowledgable and specialist support to business customers on our high performance Linux servers. Importantly, our dedicated server support can extend to any applications which we install on your servers for you.

Compare this with general ISPs who explicitly exclude any custom configurations from their technical support. If you have particular support requirements for your dedicated servers, contact us to find out how we can meet your needs.

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Telephone support

To speak to a server engineer, telephone support at 0845 869 9965.

Where a server engineer is not immedately available to take the call, a voicemail message should be left which is routed into the engineering support ticket queue.


We help. We build advanced web applications, and provide custom hosting on our own servers. As a result of this expertise, we can provide specialist support that is both knowlegable and responsive.

Privacy policy

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Terms and conditions

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Acceptable Use policy

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