Use your Blackberry to pick up mail from Accentika Internet mailservers

If you have an Accentika Internet hosting account, using a Blackberry to pick up your mail from our mailservers is straightforward.

From the BlackBerry home screen, click BlackBerry Setup > Set up Internet Email > Add An Email Account

Type your email address and password, and then click Next.

Your BlackBerry will try to set up your email account automatically. If setup completes successfully, skip to the next step. If your email account can't be configured automatically, do the following: 

Click I will provide the settings to add this email account.

Scroll down and then click Next.

Select Internet Service Provider Email (POP/IMAP), and then click Next.

Type your full email address for your user name (for example, [email protected]). 

Scroll down and type the name of your email server which is

Click Next

Enter the name of the outgoing server, which is also

Click OK to complete the setup.

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