Publish your web site news stories on Facebook and Twitter with social network integration

Now the web site news stories you create on your web site can be published automatically on Facebook and Twitter

Ensuring your social network sites are up to date and working for your business can be time-consuming. But now Accentika Internet-supported Typo3 web sites can update all your social network postings automatically each time a news story is added to your web site. 

Of course you need to update your web site to keep your customers informed and to improve your search engine rankings. Normally, if you are also taking advantage of social networking to promote your business,  you would have had to login to your Facebook account and create a posting that refers to the story you have just created on your web site and add that all-important important graphic.

Finally you would need to summarise your story in 140chars to tell all your Twitter followers about your new story.

Now Accentika Internet customers who have added one of our social networking packages just have to create the original story and Facebook and Twitter are updated automatically.

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